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Here are some of the most common questions we get at uTheory, with answers or solutions. If you don't see what you're looking for here, send us an email at

How do I apply my group license?

You can apply your group license in the class settings. See these instructions on how to apply a group license.

Can I see what my students see?

Yes! You can switch to student view from your uTheory dashboard.

Why do my students see a notification to purchase a subscription?

There are a few possible situations that could cause a prompt to purchase a subscription:

1. Group license disabled

If you've purchased a group license, check that the license has been applied in the class settings. You'll need to apply your group license to classes to give your enrolled students unlimited access to uTheory. Otherwise, uTheory thinks your students are using a free account, which is limited to 10 pages of a lesson or skill per day.

2. Student(s) not signed in to uTheory

Verify that your students are logged in to their uTheory accounts. It's possible to go to and begin work in lessons or skills without signing in to a uTheory account. When this happens, the student's progress will not be saved, and the student will be limited to 10 pages of a lesson or skill per day, causing the prompt to purchase a subscription to uTheory.

3. Student(s) not connected to your uTheory class

If a student has created an account, but skipped joining your uTheory class, they will not have unlimited access to uTheory. To see if your student has joined your class, check for their name on your uTheory class roster. If they've not been added to your class, resend the invitation link* or class code and perhaps share these video instructions on how to join a class:

*If using the link, instruct the student to sign in instead of creating a new account, and any of their previous work will be saved.

What is a class code? Where do I find the class code?

The class code is needed for students to join your uTheory class (unless a class invite link is sent to students). To find the code, go to Teach-Classes to see your list of classes. The class code is centered between the title of the class and the "Students" button.

Can I adjust the speed on skills?

uTheory takes many factors into consideration when determining whether a student has mastered a skill, including the speed with which they answer. We realize this may create a challenge for some students who are allowed time modifications on assessments. Although there isn't a way to adjust the speed for skills, you can assign individual accommodations for speed and accuracy on a student's detail page.

Why can’t my students see any lessons or skills? It says “Area disabled by teacher.”

When you create a class in uTheory, you have the option to start with all course content either hidden or visible to students. If you chose to leave all content hidden, you'll need to assign lessons and assign skills in the class settings under Choose Lessons and Choose Skills.

If you've purposely selected to hide an entire topic area (Rhythm, Pitch & Harmony, or Ear Training), the students will see "Area disabled by teacher" in place of lessons or skills.

Can I hide checkpoints?

Yes! You can assign checkpoints as required, make them optional, or hide them entirely from students in the class settings under Choose Lessons.

Can I delete a uTheory class but save my students' grades?

Yes! You can download a .csv file to view and save your uTheory grade spreadsheet in Excel, Google Sheets, etc. Click the download button in the top right corner of the uTheory grade spreadsheet.

Why doesn't the sound play on exercises? It works for the lesson videos.

The audio on exercises will not play if your students are using a mobile device with the ringer set to vibrate. To solve this, have your students turn the sound on for their devices; otherwise, they will only be able to hear lesson videos.

What do my students need to use uTheory?

uTheory is fully cloud-based and runs in almost every web browser with no software or app installation. uTheory works on computers, Chromebooks, phones and tablets. View the current system requirements here.

Where can I view uTheory's allow list?

Network administrators can view the allow list here.