Written music theory lessons on uTheory.com are nearing completion.

When we first started building uTheory.com several years ago, we decided to put our effort into first teaching all of the written concepts that a student should know before they start a music major (basically scales, keys, intervals, chords, and roman numerals).

As you can see from this image, we are getting quite close. Right now we have 26 sequential lessons, each of which is made up of ten or so pages of short (1–2 minute) videos interspersed with interactive exercises.

Still to come will be lessons on seventh chords & roman numerals — though you can practice those right now from the “Skills” tab.

As you’ll see in each of the videos, we’ve tried to keep the explanations as short as possible, while still being true to what’s really going on in these fundamental concepts.

We decided to start from the piano to give a more immediate connection to sound- and music-making. Moreover, unlike the staff which obscures the difference between half and whole steps, the piano is an ideal instrument for visualizing all of these concepts.

This has been a massive undertaking, and there’s still lots to come, but I hope you’ll enjoy the lessons that we have for you so far!