As the school year comes to a close, we've been taking notes on the most requested features from teachers and students alike, and are excited to share these with you.

Google Classroom integration

Our most requested feature! Google Classroom integration will make it possible to synchronize your Google Classroom courses with uTheory, and to make uTheory assignments appear within Google Classroom. Students and rosters will be synchronized between the platforms, and students will be able to login with Google – no more forgotten passwords to deal with!

Google Login

We're making it possible for users to login to uTheory using Login with Google. If you already have an account, you'll be able to connect a Google account to it from the Dashboard.

View all of a student's questions and answers

You can already see a student's answers for checkpoints and custom tests. Over the month of June we'll be implementing changes to make it possible to see all of the questions a student has answered in uTheory, to give you an even more detailed view of their work. You'll be able to see both their right and wrong answers, and how long they spent on each answer attempt.

Grade Lessons By Accuracy

Currently, lessons are graded based on how many pages a student completes. To complete a lesson, a student has to get all of the questions right. But it might take them dozens of tries (or guesses!) per question, and currently you'd have no idea.

We're rolling out a feature to let you track how students do on their lesson attempts, and to give you the option to calculate lesson grades based either on the student's accuracy or on their completion of the lesson.

Create Users and Classes from a Spreadsheet

We know that to simplify things for their students, teachers like to be able to create accounts automatically for their students. Now, you'll be able to upload a spreadsheet to do that in bulk, rather than going through the registration process separately for every student.

Enroll a student in multiple classes at once

Our top music students are often taking multiple music classes, and if you're using uTheory across your school, there's a good chance several classes may be using uTheory. We're rolling out a feature to make it possible for students to be in multiple classes at once, and for their work to synchronize between the classes. The student will have the option to switch which section they're viewing at any time, so they can work on the requirements for each class.

Custom testing features included in group licenses

Previously, you needed to purchase both a group license and a custom testing license to get the features of custom tests. Now we're including a custom testing license in every group license purchase for free.

Accessibility customizations

We've done major work this year on making uTheory accessible to users: making all the exercises answerable using the keyboard alone and adding helpful alternate text to all exercises for blind users.

Now we'll be adding the ability to create individual accommodations for teachers, so that you can modify time and accuracy requirements on a student-level.