For Teachers

Documentation for uTheory's Teacher Features

System Requirements

What do my students need to use uTheory? uTheory is fully cloud-based and runs in almost every web browser with no software or app installation. The following browsers and operating systems are currently supported: ComputerMac: Safari v. 11 or laterChrome v. 63 or laterFirefox v. 67 or laterWindows: Chrome v. 63 or laterFirefox v. 67 or laterEdge v. 79 or later(Internet Explorer is not supported)Linux: Chrome v. 63 or laterChromium v. 63 or laterFirefox v. 67 or laterChromebookChromeOS version 63 or laterPhone or TabletiPad/iPhone: iOS 11 or laterAndroid: Chrome browser version 63 or laterAllowlistNetwork administrators click here for the allow list recommendations.

Allow List

uTheory's allow list, for network administrators of school-managed devices. Domain: utheory.comMinimal allow list: *.html *.mp4 *.mp3 *.ogg *.wav *.svg *.jpeg *.jpg *.png *.gif *.css *.js *.mjs *.wat *.wasm *.csv Domain: cdn.utheory.comMinimal allow list: *.mp4 *.mp3 *.ogg *.wav *.svg *.jpeg *.jpg *.png *.gif *.css *.js *.mjs *.wat *.wasm Domain:* Recommended allow list: *.m3u8 *.mp4 *.ts Minimal allow list: None. (uTheory uses Vimeo/Akamaized for adaptive bitrate video for the video lessons. If either is on your deny list, uTheory will fall back to loading lesson videos from; however, they will not be streamed at adaptive bit rates, so the user experience may be diminished for students.)